Five Profitable Business Ideas For Small And Large Scale

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Today we’re talking about some different business ideas. that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I wanted to share with you. because I think there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in each one of these different five business ideas that you could use this year. now a couple of quick notes here first of all I don’t really make a lot of these articles.

Anymore because I feel like the whole industry of how to make money just got really scammy with people trying to sell all of their courses. so I don’t really want to be associated with that I don’t make a lot of this article anymore. but nonetheless, these are some cool ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a while that. I did really want to share with you.

1. Influencer Management

The first business idea that I was thinking about that you know I actually really see a lot of opportunities here and there’s no cost required with this is some type of influencer management. so here’s the best way to explain this and why this can be such a great opportunity.

First of all, there is no cost associated with this you don’t have to have any startup costs. but when somebody likes web blogging for example me. I guess I count as a blogger when I get brand deals when a company wants to sponsor me. I don’t really want to spend the time talking to them and negotiating with them I’d rather spend my time working on other projects and making more articles for example.

So I end up working with a manager. now this manager basically just facilitates deals they put together brand deals. and sponsors so they work with both the influencers and with the brands of the companies. and they bring them both together and then they take a piece of the pie here they take a cut anywhere traditionally between 10 and 20 of these sponsor deals.

That a lot of influencers do so you can imagine if uh somebody’s getting twenty thousand dollars for a youtube video if you are. an influencer manager then you could get a ten percent cut of that uh twenty thousand dollar deal. and you could get two thousand dollars for just working with both the influencer and the brand now. I actually found this actually really I don’t think is very difficult to start I work with a couple of different managers.

And they bring me deals and I just take the best ones that I want to personally work with. but I think anybody can start it but I basically just reaching out to a lot of influencers and then reaching out to brands and just putting them in contact with each other and managing those deals.

Maybe I don’t know if we’re going to make a more in-depth video on this but I really do think there’s such a great potential for something like this. and it doesn’t just have to be YouTubers it could be for tick-tock influencers or various different types of influencers as well. just remember putting those two together with the brands and the influencer connecting them and you can end up taking a cut from that and I think it’s a pretty great business model.

2. Converting Vans

Converting vans so there’s been this really big trend for van life that I’ve seen recently in the past year or two especially. and so a lot of people want to live in vans. I know my friend did this a couple of years ago he bought a van and then he fully did a full conversion on it he built out the inside he put a bed and a sink and a couple of other different things in there.

But what’s crazy about this is that you can actually build out vans for other people and make a lot of money from this. so for my friend who bought this van for about some twenty thousand dollars. he could go and sell his van that he converted and he could sell that for at least double the price probably get 45 or 50,000 for that van. simply because he did that full conversion so this is a really cool idea.

That I think I’ve just been thinking about for a while because it turns out you know there’s a lot of people. who don’t know the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver and so they can’t convert this van themselves. they can’t turn this into a little home themselves.

So they want to pay somebody else to do it so if you are skilled with carpentry or you just have some basic skills with building things. then I would consider just making it like a small little side business. I know there’s so many people looking to have somebody else build a van out for them you know maybe somebody who lives in new york city.
and they’re making a lot of money they don’t have the tools or the resources to convert their van so they’ll just hire you to do it.

There’s a number of ways to market this service but um if you get into that van life area on articles, youtube, or on social media. you could probably find some clients on there or maybe just start to buy vans and convert them and then sell the vans but really you don’t even need to do that you can just build them for other people and not have to really have many costs associated with that.

3. Email newsletter

Monetize newsletter is another one that I’ve been looking at for so long and I honestly wish I could do this myself. but I just have too many other things that I’m working on right now. but I think there’s so much potential here. is monetize newsletters.

So if you are familiar with morning brew it’s a company that sponsored some of my articles in the past. and this company it’s just an email newsletter anybody could start something like this. and I think last I checked they were valued at about 75 million dollars.

It’s just a basic email newsletter this started out I think about five years ago. and they are making so much money by giving a free newsletter to people who sign up for it now. how does this company make money how does this newsletter make money? well, they end up getting sponsors and they do a lot of affiliate marketing in their newsletter.

So imagine if you have a million people reading your newsletter every single morning. there’s so much power and value in that. you can sell ad spots to different brands. and so I would really suggest starting something like this. once again there’s really no cost associated with it maybe you’re gonna have to pay for some autoresponders for maybe some email services.

But if you start off with something like Mailchimp using that to send out emails you can get I think the first couple thousand email subscribers for totally free. the problem here could be a little bit labor-intensive uh if you don’t like writing email newsletters every day. could be a little bit annoying and also it could take a while to get it going. but I still think it could be one of the best ideas out there.

4. Cameras Renting

Renting out cameras so I know a lot of photographers and videographers and even YouTubers who might not want to buy a new red camera. some of those really expensive five or $10,000 cameras. because maybe they just have one shoot that they want to do uh or maybe they just have one project that they need to borrow some equipment. and so there’s actually a whole business opportunity within.

This uh uh different scene here which is by renting out equipment especially cameras or different types of audio gear to photographers and two videographers. and four people who need some type of things like that. so I know a couple of people who do this actually I only really know one person who does this really really well.

There are a couple of caveats here are a couple of problems with it. but the cool thing is that you know imagine you can buy something so you can buy something for five thousand dollars. and then you’re renting this out multiple times per month for maybe a few $100 dollars per day.

And you’re able to really make a lot of money from this one physical object that you have. and you could take this same idea of renting out cameras to photographers and videographers. and you could apply it to maybe a field that you’re maybe well versed in uh maybe something that you have a lot more knowledge about.

I remember seeing people who would uh rent out log splitters for a day uh because you know some people want to
get their own firewood and so they cut down a bunch of trees on their property but they don’t have any way to split the wood. so I would see people rent log splitters for a hundred dollars a day and they would rent them out.

And the log splitter will only cost them two thousand dollars, to begin with. and so they were able to make their money back within only really a couple of months, and then it just really just basically printed cash for them. so that’s an idea as well just think about what you have around your house or something that you’re already pretty well experienced with.

Especially maybe what you do for work or what you do for a job. and then think about the different items that you could potentially rent out to people with a couple of problems. with this though is that you know you have to make sure you do this properly you got to make sure that you have the contracts.

You got to make sure you have insurance um you know because if somebody rents your camera they drop it. you don’t want to be out of $5,000 you got to have to make sure you have some things set up for that. so if you want to explore that route make sure you. just look into it a lot more because there are going to be a couple of caveats there but I do think it could be a business that could end up printing you some money.

5. Lawns Care

lawns care it’s the most simple business model in the world. this is how I paid for college uh this was one of my first businesses and it is the best cash-producing business. that anybody especially teenagers if you’re in high school if you’re in college.

You want to make some money this summer mow lawns you can set it up pretty simply you can do some crazy marketing in your local area. craigslist facebook you can use different things like doing actual posters around on different billboards. and you can market this service for you know forty dollars fifty dollars per lawn.

And you can get 10 or 20 lawns you can do those all in a weekend you can make $500 or a thousand dollars in a weekend. I think sometimes so many people are going out and just trying to be the next Elon musk they’re just trying to make the new amazon. and that’s fine you can do it but I think there’s a lot more potential for success.

When we go for simple business models of understanding your expenses understanding uh your potential profits and just being able to pump cash out. from a simple business like mowing lawns so I’m always gonna love that one uh and I do think that people should consider that. especially because it’s march right now so now is the perfect time to get a lot of lawn care clients.

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